Clinical Applications

Clinical Screening

susceptiSTAT™ UTI - VB is developing a high-throughput method of screening for the presence of bacteria in urine at the time of sample collection. The enumeration capabilities of the RAPID-B system has shown very close correlation to traditional plating methods and allows rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
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bacSTAT™ Blood - VB is developing a high-throughput method of detecting the presence of bacteria in blood samples using the RAPID-B system that aims to lower the time to results to under 6 hours. This will translate to improved therapeutic decision making and, ultimately, improved cost savings.
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empiriSTAT™ - Pneumonia - VB is developing an automated, rapid test for assessing the efficacy of empiric therapy for patients diagnosed with lower respiratory tract infections.
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septiSTAT™ - VB is developing a rapid, automated approach to diagnosis patients entering the septic pathway. Working with the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Vivione is commercializing VLA-3, a biomarker associated with hyper-activity of the innate immune system.
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bacSTAT™ CSF - VB is developing a rapid method of screening for bacterial meningitis at the time of collection. This high-sensitivity test will aid in the discrimination of bacterial vs. viral infections and aid therapeutic decision making early in the disease process.

Clinical Bacterial Identification

specieSTAT - VB is currently developing assays for the rapid identification and enumeration of the following pathogens:

Clinical Antimicrobial Assay

theraSTAT - VB is developing a comprehensive testing system for bacterial detection and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles for bacterial infection in normally sterile body fluids, such as blood and urine. The system will look at multiple parameters to determine bacterial presence as well as the effect of different antimicrobial agents with the goal of providing treating physicians actionable results in under 6 hours.

-Please note that these products are currently "For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures."-